Deliverance Is Coming

Deliverance Is Coming

By John Mallon

This article was written and posted on my Blog in 2002 in the midst of the sex abuse scandals

I have to confess I'm a bit surprised when I hear orthodox Catholics speak of the current scandal as depressing. Of course, what was done to the children and young people is horrible. But one has to remember the scandal is not that all this horror came to light, but that it has been going on for the last 40 years, and God only knows how much longer. If this wickedness were to continue as it had been it would be a true calamity. 

As far as depressing goes, personally I've been depressed by what has been the status quo of the Church for the past 40 years! Because I am orthodox I have felt like an outsider in every parish I've belonged to. Frankly, I have always hated parish life. Sunday Mass has always been the loneliest Mass of the week for me. I've felt much more at home at weekday Masses. 

As for those of us in the battle for orthodoxy, this is the answer to our prayers and sufferings all these years—of being bullied by "progressive" priests and feminazi nuns, who step all over the sensibilities and sensitivities of Catholics offended by their abuses, who justify themselves with a presumption that they are more "compassionate" than everybody else. They shout down those who defend Church teaching with vague rhetoric about "social justice" while starting new capital campaigns to build another monument to themselves on the parish grounds. 

Deliverance has come for all who have had their concerns fall on deaf ears when they tried to tell the bishop that Sister Coriander is giving New Age rubbish to the CCD classes instead of the truth of Christ. Or that the RCIA teachers spend half the class apologizing for Church teachings, and telling them with a wink to skip over what they don't like. 

The days of children thinking they've graduated from the faith when they are confirmed, and entering their teens never having heard that fornication is wrong, and of middle-aged women in tight pants crowding the sanctuary, please God, are coming to a close. And on and on and on. 

We should be dancing in the streets like on V-E Day. Ding Dong! The witch is dead! But, our time may be better spent tending the wounded. The people damaged by priests and religious who became what they hate—that which they swore they would never become—tight-jawed narrowed-eyed, repressed, legalistic disciplinarians, except that now they enforce "political correctness" with an iron rod the way a generation past enforced scrupulous minutiae with a steel ruler, raising a generation that thought the Church was a prison, where now they are taught it's a free-for-all. God help you if you get in their way. 

No, what we see today is the pimple being squeezed, the boil being lanced and all the puss and the poison running out. The New Spring is coming, and no one should be surprised if the world starts looking darker, because that is also an opportunity for the Church to start shining brightly from within, no thanks to us, but by the sovereign movement of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, We are undergoing Spring cleaning. God's judgment is upon us and that is good. 

This has to happen for the New Spring to come. Just before the turn of the Millennium I had a piece in Catholic Dossier saying that if there is not some kind of intervention diverting us from the road we're on as a society, then we can expect to see orthodox Catholics and faithful Evangelical being put in concentration camps within 20 years. The current troubles, I see as an intervention of God. I think He has had enough. 

The Lord hears the cry of the poor: The child whose adult life went into a ditch thanks to abuse by a priest left free to prey on children, the grief of the orthodox Catholic sick of the liturgy being debauched, of the and twisting and rejection of Church teaching, the silent scream of the unborn, disposed of like so much trash—or worse—cannibalized for junk science, and the cries, which only God can hear, of all the children he willed to be but who were never allowed to exist due to the selfishness and ignorance of contraception use. God hears all the dead and suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, because people who "knew better" than the Holy Spirit's guidance of the Magisterium told the young and the beautiful that the "modern" Church no longer pays attention to those "pelvic issues" and "repressive" moral teachings on human sexuality. 

Yes these are the Church's poor, and may God have mercy on those wolves who claimed to be calling for "justice" over the "oppressive" Church, while these little ones, the Anawim suffered under their reign. 

Arise, my Love, my Dove, my beautiful one, the light has come. The night soon will be long past! The New Spring is coming! 

© 2002, 2020 By John Mallon



Because I am orthodox I have felt like an outsider in every parish I've belonged to. Frankly, I have always hated parish life. Sunday Mass has always been the loneliest Mass of the week for me. I've felt much more at home at weekday Masses.