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Washington Times 4/21/21

Joe Biden and his pro-abortion 'children of darkness'

Washington Times 12/1/20

Joe Biden and the New Totalitarianism

Washington Times 9/29/20:

Wickedness and the Catholic Vote

Washington Times 4/1/20:

Biden’s Choice: 

Joe Biden's flip-flop on abortion abandons 

his religion for presidency


Dossier: The Devil Comes to Main Street

John Mallon’s Previously unpublished report on the Black Mass 

in Oklahoma City, September 21, 2014

The 1998 Inside the Vatican 

Special Supplement on Humanae Vitae

Inside The Vatican Index of 

Mallon Articles

John’s Greatest Hits

The Interviews

An Index of Interviews 

with Fascinating Catholics

It has been my privilege to know

Wickedness and the Catholic Vote

Joe Biden's flip-flop on abortion abandons 

his religion for presidency

Welcome to World War III

Alphabetical Index:

Note: This index is not strictly in alphabetical order because 

there were some articles I wanted closer to the 

top of the list, and various other reasons. 

Australia’s Gentle Giant:

An Interview with Cardinal George Pell

The Church has the Truth

An Interview with Alice von Hildebrand

The Most Important Encyclical in History

Interview with Father Paul Marx, O.S.B., Founder of Human Life International

The Whole Picture

An Interview with Janet Smith, Ph.D.

An Interview with Joseph Scheidler

The “Green Beret” of the Pro-Life Movement

An Interview with Joan Andrews Bell

America’s Pro-Life Heroine

2007: A fantasy after the 2000 election

33 Years:

 The Different Dimension of Political Correctness

35 Years of Cushioned Self-Deception

Bernard Nathanson:

“I was Shaken to the Roots of My Soul”

A Brewing Revolt?

A Candle in the Window

The Affirmation of Faith: Bishop Robert Vasa

Aborting Christmas

Abortion, Civilization & Chivalry

A Conversation with Walter Hooper

Advice for Two Friends

All the Kind Young Men

A Manger Full of Mercy

No Amnesty for the Unborn?

Amnesty International: 

What Part of Human Rights Don’t You Understand?

Amnesty International: 

What Part of Murder Don't You Understand?

An American assumes Benedict's 

previous post in the Vatican

An Interview with Father George Rutler

An Archbishop for the New Evangelization: 

An Interview with 

Archbishop Charles Chaput, OFM Cap

Antinatalism vs. The Nativity: 

How did ‘Merry Christmas’ Become a Political Statement?

The Apostle’s Diary

The Back Alley Pill

Battling Tainted Vaccines: Children of God for Life

‘Beyond’ the Babies

Bias and Judicial Nominees

Big Media's Spiritual Illiteracy

Cairo and Beyond

Can Life be Patented?

Catholic Left Is on the Wrong Side of History

The Challenge: The Clueless Catholic

The Church Is the Bedroom

Church Knights

Comment Changer le Monde 

(How to Change the World in French)

How to Change the World (English)

Compassion unto Death

Compulsory Union Dues, Democrats and Abortion

A Concerned Catholic Looks at the Democratic Party

Confessions of a Former Democrat

Confessing the Same Old 'Sticky' Sins

Conscience and the Dictatorship of Relativism

With a Sidebar by Peter Kreeft

A Conversation with Cardinal Francis E. George 

Archbishop of Chicago

Converting the Baptized

The Contraception Deception

Contraception the Love Killer

The Cottonwoods of Dachau: 

The Memory of America's Diabolical Abortion Years to Live on In Infamy

Cracks in the Wall

Frances Kissling Commits Feminist Heresy

Culture: the Soul of a Nation

An Interview With Dr. John Haas

The Culture of Pornography &

Commitment Phobia

Dangerous Men

The Tragedy of Neo-Clericalism

The Dating Dearth: A Man's Perspective

Death by Sex

Death: Symbol and Reality

Death With Dignity? 

An Interview with Rita Marker

Deliverance Is Coming

Depression: Is this Happening to You?

U.N. Idea Makes Families Yield Control

Der Plan der Vereinten Nationen bewirkt die 

Preisgabe der elterlichen Kontrolle 

(U.N. Idea Makes Families Yield Control in German)

The Dictatorship of Relativism: 

A conversation with Professor Peter Kreeft

Disintegration on the Left

A Doctor Rejects The Seduction of Contraception

Easter IS

Embracing the Cross of Infertility: 

An Interview with Marie and Joseph Meaney

Embryos Are Human

Ethnicity is not the same as ideology

Expelling 'Private Beliefs' From Public Square Creates 

Tyranny of Relativism

The Eye of the Tiger: 

An interview with Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz

Faith vs. Nonsense

Father Edward Moras, RIP

‘The Most Prophetic Statement of the 20th Century’

An Interview with Father Joseph Fessio, Founder, Editor, of Ignatius Press, San Francisco

Fire in the East

Five O'Clock Mass at St. Peter's Blesses Christmas 1999

“It’s the Same Game”

An Interview with Prof. Dr. Gerhard Fittkau

Forty Years in the Desert of Error

Frances Doesn't Get It

Gaudete Sunday: This Child is our Victory. REJOICE!

'Gay' Priest: An Oxymoron

The Genie is Out of the Bottle

God Save the Republic

God’s Network

Goodbye, Julie

Editorial in the Sooner Catholic after the Oklahoma City Bombing, also picked up by Catholic New York and numerous other diocesan newspapers nationwide.

Adiós Julie 

Goodbye, Julie in Español

Grief: The Journey Takes Time

Have a Holy Christmas

Healing does come: 

Oklahoma City's anguished path to recovery

A Hero’s Tears

Homosexuality, Sin and the Children of God

How Bishops Discourage Vocations 

(and the Key to Attracting Them)

How to Change the World

Human Survival & Reverence for Sex

The Hurting, Healing Church

I Myself Will Shepherd Them

I Am Not Ashamed

In Persona Christi: Holy Thursday, 

The Priest and Contraception

Clerical Homosexuality, 

Conversion and Belief

Is Openness a Virtue?

Inner Healing: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

ITV Dossier on the Catholic Vote

Magazine Pages

2004 and still relevant!

ITV Dossier on the Catholic Vote

Easy to Read Pages

Pastoral Letter of Cardinal Raymond Burke

on the Catholic Vote, 2004

Wickedness and the Catholic Vote

Jesus 'Über Alles': Has Germany finally 

found redemption from its past?

John Kerry's 'Secret Weapon'

The Land of Giants

Lay Mendicants

The Left's Intolerant Attacks On Pope Benedict

Let us Prepare

Lieber Bruder Joseph, Beloved Benedict

The Life You Vote For May Be Your Own

A 'Little' Death

A Letter to the Remnant

Locking Jesus Out of The Church

The Lord And Giver of Life

Making Victims of Catholics?

Mary Ann Glendon: 

The Holy Father’s Inspired Choice

Master of Deception

May We Please Hear Some Other Voices?

The Sooner Catholic

Men and Women: Vive la Diffénce

Metaphysics of Tenderness

The Murder of George Tiller

A New Big Fat Lie

No Amnesty for the Unborn?

The Nuptial Nature of the Church

The Obedience Test

On Loving the Cross

On Modesty in Dress

Palliative Care:The New Stealth Euthanasia

‘The People Who Have Walked In 

Darkness Have Seen A Great Light’

Playing God?

The Challenge of Bioethics

Dietrich von Hildebrand 

Preserving The Legacy of a Giant

The Party’s Over

Political Prisoners in the Womb 

Prisonniers politiques dans l'utérus

The Pope and the Young: What's not to Love?

Positively Beastly

The Primacy of Jesus, the Primacy of Love

Project Rachel:

Healing the Wounds of Abortion

Pro-Life Wins or Nobody Wins:

An Interview with Father Frank Pavone

Right to Work is Social Justice

Not your Grandad’s Unionism

Palliative Care:The New Stealth Euthanasia

Poverty and the Right to Work

Pro-choice and Anti-family

The Radical's Dilemma

The Reality of God and Political Delusion

Restoring Credibility

Secular Pundits: Don't Try This at Home

'Soft Porn' Plays Hardball (Book Review)

St. Valentine, Pray for Us!

The Stem Cell Debate: Science vs. Deception: 

An Interview with Richard Doerflinger

Spiritual Hygiene

The Spirituality of Unrequited Love

Suffering and the Will of God

The Suicide of Civilization

Telling Truth by the Clock?

The Thomas Reese Affair

Totus Tuus: 

The Source of John Paul's Greatness

The Tragedy of John Geoghan

The Tragedy of Neo-Clericalism

The Tragedy of the Sexual Revolution

The Trouble With 'Values'

True Culture Requires Leisure, Faith

The Truth About Hypocrisy

The UK: 40 Years in the Desert of Death

Voice of the Faithful is not the Church

The "Un-Woman" on the March in Washington 

Waiting With Joyful Hope

What Catholicism Is: an election-year reminder

What Liberalism Is (Or has Become)

“We Will Stand Alone!” An Interview 

with Archbishop Renato R. Martino

The Wedding Feast vs. Table Scraps

When Catholics Behave Badly

When the Trouble with Men 

Becomes the Trouble with Women

The 'Wisdom' of This World

Who Controls the Language?

Why Abortion is the Single Most Important Issue

A World Without Siblings

‘You do the Truth in Love’

An Interview with Monsignor William Smith, STD

My Author’s Page at Celebrate Life Magazine