Ethnicity is not the same as ideology

Ethnicity is not the same as ideology

By John Mallon

From the Daily Oklahoman, 03/09/2001 

With the recent penchant of people on the Left to accuse innocent people of racism, one wonders if it isn't to drown out the disturbing voice of conscience with the noise. For one thing, there is the error in logic of trying to equate the just, noble cause of civil rights for African-Americans in overcoming our tragic history of racial discrimination with homosexual behavior and the ideologies of feminist dogma. 

During the presidential election the media would often say a pro-life candidate faced opposition from "women's groups." This is inaccurate, because the opposition was really coming from radical pro-abortion feminist groups. There are many women, especially pro-life women, who reject the positions of groups like the National Organization for Women and the rest, and they count. They should not be overlooked and lumped in with these groups simply because they are women. Many feminists are women but not all women are feminists. 

Nor is being homosexual on the same level as being a member of an ethnic group. Does this mean that people who recognize this are secretly afraid they're gay—that is, "homophobic?" Does this mean homosexuals should be mistreated? No. No one should be mistreated. But the prevailing notion that disagreement with one's position is a form of oppression, bigotry and injustice is going to destroy America if it continues unchecked. On the Left, having a claim to victimhood is a kind of status symbol. The Left has become too free and easy in their use of the word "hate" as though they have a copyright on what constitutes it. 

This is dangerous, because the constant gratuitous imputing of motives and attitudes to others can, in time, lead to tyranny. So-called "political correctness" carries within it the seeds of mob rule, putsches and the kind of thing we saw growing in Germany in the 1930s. As I said, much of this is to drown out the voice of conscience. Instead of dialogue you see the shouting down of anyone who disagrees. 

And the central object of these disturbed consciences? In a word, abortion. Abortion does severe damage to the psyches of those who participate in it. Although political correctness in the medical field tries to smother this fact, I know doctors and psychologists in the field who testify to it, as well as people who have overcome their denial of conscience and found peace. But for others the rage goes on. 

One friend told me with some distress that over half the women she sees in her obstetrics and gynecology practice have had abortions. That's a lot of wounded psyches, especially when you include the man who fathered the child, and a whole network of family and abortion providers. There is a lot of denial here. And it is why all these sexual ideologies try to piggyback on the civil rights issue to hide the fact that race is a matter of ethnicity, whereas homosexual advocacy and radical "gender feminism" are matters of ideology. 

Yes, there are stupid and ignorant people who will hate those of other races, beat up homosexuals and abuse women, but to accuse innocent people of bigotry because they see different solutions to each of these issues takes all of us where we don't want or need to go. 

Ironically, in the mouths of many on the Left, the term "diversity" seems more and more to mean we all must think the same way. The last century provides all too many examples of where that mindset leads. 

Mallon is contributing editor of Inside the Vatican magazine and a member of The Oklahoman's Opinion Board of Contributors. 

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