The Rise (and Fall) of the Un-Woman

The Rise (and Fall) of the Un-Woman

By John Mallon

As the grime settles from the April 25 "March for Women's Lives" some observations can be made. Apart from the sheer ugliness of the spectacle one is haunted by the terrible lie these women have ingested. Everyone knows that this march was not about women's lives but about ideology, which includes the doomed utopian pursuit of consequence-free sex. This, at least makes some sense, as St. Thomas Aquinas said, "No one can live without joy. That is why a man deprived of spiritual joy goes over to carnal pleasures." (Summa Theologica, IIa-IIae, 35.4 ad 2.) Anyone can understand this.

What is more disturbing is the almost complete moral inversion taking place: We have legions of un-women giving anti-birth (abortion) to non-babies. (So they would have us believe—"It's just a little glob of tissue.") But it is a little glob of tissue with a soul with an eternal destiny who needs its mother. It also needs its father who has become the un-man and a predator, user, and a feminist sycophant rather than a protector, provider and cherisher. 

What we have is the reversal of what St. Peter said when he wrote, Once you were “no people” but now you are God’s people; once there was no mercy for you, but now you have found mercy. (1Pet. 2:10) There is still mercy, thank God, but like a dog returning to its vomit (Prov. 26:11, 2Pet. 2:22) part of the culture is choosing to be a "no people" again.

The un-woman exhibits accusation over understanding, sterility over fecundity, coarseness over tenderness, harshness over gentleness, termination over nurturance, emptiness over fulfillment, the casual over the intimate, profanity over reverence, convenience over sacrifice, death over life. The generation that demanded everything from breakfast cereal on be all natural demands their sex be completely unnatural. Above all, the un-woman seems to exhibit a tragic unfamiliarity with love. Pray for them.

This inversion signifies a defining reversal in Western civilization and its Judeao-Christian roots. Far from being "progressive" it is a regression to paganism with the demon Moloch hungry for human sacrifice requiring babies tossed into his insatiable jaws. 

Many who have been to Operation Rescue missions have witnessed and commented on this before—the faces of the opposition gnarled and twisted in rage threatening to explode in violence while pro-lifers quietly pray and the media reports exactly the opposite.

At any rate, this is where we begin to tread into the realm of the demonic. The rhetoric is one of non-stop accusation (The Hebrew word Satan is rendered "the accuser," as in "The Accuser of the brethren has been cast out" (Rev. 12:10). It is also fraught with lies in defense of killing the innocent (He was a liar and a murderer from the beginning." —John 8:44) And rage. Rage is the business of demons.

For some reason whenever I have heard or read St. Paul's description of the pagans in the first chapter of Romans I always pictured it as some kind of parade or march—Pagans on Parade—and now it has come true before our eyes in this march and in various "Gay Pride" parades. The irony is that they seem oblivious—even proud—of the hideousness of their displays and the effect they have on those, one would think, they are trying to win over.

The implication that the government, the Catholic Church, or the "patriarchy" has some vested interest in "controlling" their lives or their bodies is too ridiculous to take seriously. The issue is their supposed "right" to kill the sovereign innocent human life growing within them, which, in another demonic inversion, they see as a curse not a blessing. There are alternatives, which don't involve coat hangers. The alternative is love and there are now more crisis pregnancy centers to offer loving solutions than abortion mills which offer only death and despair.

But finally, the entire pretense of this being a "March for Women's Lives" is a lie. Everyone knows this. The statistics for abortions being done "for the life of the mother" last I checked, were three percent and dropping as medical technology improves. It is now public knowledge that Partial birth abortions are never medically indicated to save a woman's life. The pro-abortion lobby has labored to cover up and deny the connection with abortion and breast cancer. They deny outright the experience of millions of women who have suffered the psychic torment of post-abortion syndrome. 

The US Food and Drug Administration will decide May 21 whether to make available the notorious and very dangerous "morning after pill" also known as "Plan B" and "emergency contraception" over-the-counter with no age restrictions or medical supervision 

The secular media turns a deaf ear to these vital women's health concerns in favor of ideology.

But the tide is turning. Secular pundits are commenting on the ugliness of the march and how it is turning sympathy away from their cause, by simply showing it for what it is, and what it is turning women into with their crude ugly signs showing gross disrespect even for their own bodies. The abortion lie will eventually collapse under the weight of its own dishonesty and evil as did communism, Nazism, slavery and every other form of tyranny that blithely destroyed the lives of the innocent for the sake of ideology. Hasten the day, O Lord.